San Luis Potosí

Hotel San Luis invites you to meet San Luis Potosí is one of the most beautiful States of Mexico, known as the "city of seven neighbourhoods" with its colonial and architectural jewels that synthesize styles including neoclassical and Baroque, through buildings such as: Theater of peace and the Temple of San Francisco, as well as for its interesting museums as Federico Silva, the first contemporary sculpture in Latin America.

In the city of San Luis Potosí you will find numerous crafts of different regions of the State and the famous shawls of Santa María de el Río, San Luis Potosí is the scene of numerous festivals, the most important of the city are carried out during the period of Holy week, stressing the set of events that preside over Good Friday as the solemn "Procession of silence", involving the brotherhoods of different religious orders, in the month of May is celebrated the festival of the city having as guests to different artists and international events, in August the Feria Nacional Potosina where you can enjoy different events and finally in September takes place the international festival of contemporary dance, Lila Lopez.

San Luis Potosí can be divided into four regions:

In the Central Region, history and cantera stone production are intertwined, huddling together in the warmth of traditional Santa Maria del Rio rebozo (shawl). The City of San Luis Potosi, also known as the City of Gardens, is not only the most prosperous city in our state, but also one of the most beautiful in all Mexico. The city has garnered praise for its grand architecture and majestic baroque facades as well as its many churches, plazas, and gardens, reminiscent of the regal charms of the City´s Vice Royal past.

San Luis Potosi, Huasteca Region, it is a splendid site to behold, with its dazzling landscapes, exuberant vegetation, flowing rivers, spectacular waterfalls, deep caves, and profound chasms, is represented in the crystallized imagination of Sir Edward James in Xilitla, with its surrealist castle and staircases that blend in a camouflage with the tropical foliage. Of course, the magic of its archaeological sites like “Tamtoc” and “El Consuelo” and the powerful presence of various ethnic groups make this region truly unique. These indigenous cultures, by maintaining their customs and pre-Hispanic traditions, allow us to enjoy the historic past in each and every corner of this fascinating region of Mexico.

Filled with orange orchards, the Middle Region is home to impressive caves and natural springs of crystalline turquoise-blue waters, such as those of the prehistoric Media Luna Lagoon. Here visitors will discover marvelous underwater world as they scuba dive among its caverns, filled with multicolored fish and sea turtles, as well as prettified trees, dating back thousands of years.

The High Plains Region, made up of deserts transformed by the hands of man into beautiful residential communities like the enigmatic mining towns. Here, you will discover the diversity of animal and plant life, the rural landscape, and the oasis emerging from natural springs.

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